Romanian oil and gas – new licensing round for upstream onshore and offshore

Varinia Radu
Varinia Radu
Ramona Dulamea
Ramona Dulamea

After a lapse of almost ten years, the Romanian government just launched a public tender for the exploration, development and production operations of 22 onshore and six offshore blocks within Romania’s territorial waters of the Black Sea.

The blocks vary in size between 653 and 1098 square kilometres.

On July 24, the National Agency for Mineral Resources (NAMR) published the generic terms and conditions for holding this bidding round in the Romanian Official Gazette with the specific tender conditions to be released on the official opening bid day, upon the publication of the tender announcement in the EU Official Journal.

The deadline for submitting offers will be 120 working days after the publication of the announcement in the EU Official Journal.

Each Romanian and foreign party interested in bidding can make a request to the NAMR for access to available geological data related to the blocks, after concluding a confidentiality agreement and paying a fee. Data packages will be made available once bidding is officially opened.

All offers must be submitted in the Romanian language and comply with the requirements listed in the tender documents and the Petroleum Law 238/2004.

Negotiations for Petroleum Agreements will start 15 days after the notification of the tender winners. The deadline for concluding each agreement will be nine months after this notification, unless environment protection procedures require an adjustment to this schedule.

For more information on these tenders and opportunities in Romania’s energy industry, please contact: Varinia Radu or Ramona Dulamea.

Varinia Radu, Partner CMS
Ramona Dulamea, Senior Associate CMS

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