REFF & ASSOCIATES promotes Cristi Secrieru, litigation expert, as Partner

REFF & ASSOCIATES, the law firm representing Deloitte Legal in Romania, promotes Cristi Secrieru, lawyer specialized in litigation, to the role of Partner, thus reaching a management team made of seven partners.

Cristi Secrieru joined REFF & ASSOCIATES in 2015, as Senior Associate, and has a bachelor degree in law from the Bucharest University. He has over 15 years of experience in administrative and tax litigation, commercial litigation and in arbitration proceedings, working with companies across all industries.

Andrei Burz-Pinzaru, Managing Partner with REFF & ASSOCIATES, the law firm representing Deloitte Legal in Romania: “Cristi is one of the most reputed experts in Romania in administrative and tax litigation and also arbitration proceedings and this promotion comes as a natural step in his growth and in the development of our Litigation practice. Besides being part of Deloitte Legal global practice, with 2,500 lawyers in more than 80 countries, we are also one of the largest law firms in Romania. Through our consistent growth of over a decade, we have aimed at assisting our clients in complex projects requiring significant resources and a high degree of specialization, as well as our commitment to offer career progression opportunities to our top talents. It is with great satisfaction that we announce a new member joining our management team. We are now seven partners in REFF & ASSOCIATES, dedicated to our common philosophy of growth and quality to the benefit of the clients and of the team.”

Andreea Artenie, Partner with REFF & ASSOCIATES and leader of the Litigation practice: “The Litigation practice now counts 17 members, working on multidisciplinary projects in the area of tax, administrative, commercial disputes and arbitration proceedings. We focus on diversifying our products so that we can successfully meet the most sophisticated requirements of our clients. As far as the team is concerned, we constantly add new skills and competencies, by recruiting experienced lawyers who bring creativity and innovation in our projects, which are either highly complex and often have a cross-border component, or have a social component which resonates with our organization’s principles.”

With a team of over 70 lawyers, REFF & ASSOCIATES is recognized as a leading law firm in Romania for the quality of services and ability to deliver solutions on complex legal matters. The areas of practice include banking & finance, competition law, employment law, energy and environment law, insolvency law, litigation, mergers & acquisitions, public sector, real estate. The firm represents in Romania Deloitte Legal, a global network with more than 2,500 lawyers in 85 countries.

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