Popescu & Asociatii – a new player on the Romanian legal market

Octavian Popescu, former Partener with Musat & Asociatii for the past 14 years, announces that he founded its own law firm – Popescu & Asociatii. The team comprises 4 partners and 12 attorneys, with relevant experience in legal consultancy, as well as in the litigation and criminal law fields. 

Popescu & Asociatii will act as a full-service law firm, covering all the areas of business law, with a special focus on Dispute Resolution, Mergers & Acquisitions, Prevention, Compliance and White-Collar Crime, Restructuring & Insolvency, Competition & Antitrust, as well as GDPR.

The firm has already a portfolio that includes large and medium companies, both multinationals and local players, acting in various fields such as banking, IT, energy, pharma, public administration, media, financial services, real estate, technology, transport and FMCG. Current activity includes both representation in various criminal files, commercial or administrative litigation, claw-back related disputes, unfair competition or state aids, computer fraud, restructuring and insolvency, implementation of GDPR, as well as the implementation of the legal provisions imposed by the controversial EGO 114/2018, specialized legal advice related to the development of important real estate projects, settlement of numerous disputes between shareholders, etc.

„The new created law firm is a project that I really care about and in which I put all my trust. The partners that followed me are lawyers with remarkable professional integrity and abilities, with whom I am convinced that I will build a first-class brand on the Romanian legal market. I am also convinced that the experience and the trust that each of Popescu & Asociatii lawyers gained in time will be also acknowledged to the firm itself, considering that over the years, we acted as a strategic and trustworthy partner that clients relied on because they received customized, clear and effective legal solutions and were able to manage the inherent problems in their economic activity in a changing political and legal environment, and to solve the most complex court cases”, added Octavian Popescu.

Core team

Octavian Popescu, Partner

Ex-partner Musat & Asociatii

Octavian Popescu is one of the most experienced lawyers in Romania, with proven track record and confirmed reputation, both by partners, clients and peers. Over the last 15 years, he gathered comprehensive expertise in litigation, handling contentious matters in various areas of practice, and representing companies in disputes before the Romanian Courts, including the High Court of Justice. He has a broad practice in commercial, corporate, administrative and civil litigation and he gained particular experience in restructuring and insolvency foreclosure writs and other related legal procedures.

Octavian is also reputed and acknowledged for his comprehensive approach to difficult cases, providing assistance in procedures involving compliance in corruption, corporate fraud and economic espionage, and provides high class advice during prosecuting investigations, as well as in front of relevant Romanian criminal courts. He is highly recognised for Dispute Resolution in legal directories rankings, including Chambers & Partners – consecutively, since 2011 – and Legal 500 EMEA.

Octavian is the Vice-President of the Bucharest Court of Commercial Arbitration, Arbitrator at the Bucharest Court of Commercial Arbitration and Shanghai International Arbitration Center, and Member of the Bucharest Bar Council, Bucharest Bar Association.

Dana Bivol (Caciula-Stan), Partner

Ex-Managing Associate Musat & Asociatii

Dana Bivol (Caciula-Stan) – a 10+ years’ experience lawyer – is focusing her practice on commercial and administrative litigation. She is handling a broad range of complex files involving shareholders disputes, employment and tax disputes, as well as pharma and banking & finance litigation. Over the years, she handled various procedures involving competition law, assisting clients in relation to vertical and horizontal agreements, abuse of dominant position, merger control, etc. Furthermore, she provides legal assistance in insolvency and forced execution procedures, being unanimously praised by the clients for her proven promptitude and efficiency in handling sensitive files.

Adrian Chirvase, Partner

Ex-Managing Associate Musat & Asociatii

Adrian Chirvase is one of the elite litigation lawyers of the new generation, with an extraordinary potential in the area of ​​criminal law, in which he gained experience based on the exposure and involvement in complex files for various multinational corporate clients and high-profile business men and politicians in disputes before the Romanian Courts, including the High Court of Justice, as well as on as well as on the complexity and nature of the matters involved. Together with Octavian Popescu, he represents clients in international criminal law field, in multi-jurisdictional investigations, as well as extradition requests or European arrest warrant proceedings, representing clients in the ECHR proceedings. He pays particular attention to developing compliance measures for clients, focusing his activity on regulatory, surveillance and corporate investigation, in order to prevent their involvement in criminal deeds.

Loredana Popescu, Partner

Loredana Popescu – a 15 years’experience lawyer – is focusing her activity on the commercial, civil and administrative area, including contractual disputes related to the capital market and equity issues, disputes between shareholders, but also real estate, including restitution of nationalized property and expropriation. Having a solid knowledge of the Romanian civil and commercial law, Loredana provides constant representation and legal assistance to companies for contract negotiation, business transfer, and legal issues that are relevant to the day-to-day clients’ business.

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