About the cheat in real litigations

The cheat is the deceit of a person, by presenting as a true of a false action or as a lie of a true action, in order to obtain for itself or for another person an unjust material advantage and if a damage was brought (art. 215 criminal Code). The people don’t cheat every time they can, because, like there is life after death, there is life also after you cheated someone. The cheat destroys the reputation. The cheat is possible only when the world is big enough, so that the benefit from cheating is bigger than the risk to lose the good fame. For lawyers, the life is small and the good fame means life. For lawyers the good fame is earned so hard and it is easy to lose it.

Questions with answer:
1. The lawyers must work only with clients in which justice they believe? The answer is: yes.
2. Considering the legal definition of the cheat, is it possible the lawyer to mislead the judge, presenting as true certain circumstances, in order to give satisfaction to his client? The answer is: no.


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