What is the role of the jurists in this world…

The simplest and the hardest way to manage the things is the head the people. Each human wants to do what he wants, of course, fair. But, unfortunately, the society can’t work if every human is doing exactly what he wants. For the society to work it is necessary a concerted action of the people, meaning that it is necessary that many people have to figure it out what a single human wants. The people must be headed.

But the people don’t want to be headed, only if in this way they get personal advantages important enough or if in this way the avoid dangers frightening enough. How acceptable is to be headed is a very different matter from human to human.

The simplest and the hardest way to head the people is to choose people who don’t need to be headed, because their challenges are fully compatible with the ones of the headman. This situation is but an illusion, because of the different complexity of the challenges and because of the permanent dynamism of the challenges.

The management from human to human is very expensive, because needs permanent effort and management abilities from the headman. It is actually impossible, at the society level. At the society level there is an immanent deficit of the management. The management is possible and profitable only in limited areas and limited periods.

The immanence of the management deficit is the reason for which the society of the people can’t operate without laws. In small groups there is no need for laws, the management can be made from human to human, but in the human society, which groups a large number of people, are necessary the laws. The laws are laid as a cloth which covers the behavior of all human, of which move is quickened/limited.

The laws, which establish behavior rules, are reducing the necessities of management. They have the same effect as the management, meaning that they direct the people’s actions.  The laws reduce the number of managers. The application of the laws is made through an administrative and judicial device which operates with staff chart in which the number of posts for which it is necessary a competence level in management matter is little.

The laws are the expression of a management deficit. The laws are as more better as they manage to supply the management deficit. The jurists role is as the laws – the band between the will of the decision makers and the people’s action – to work well.



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