Prince charming of tear

Between the National Agency for Fiscal Administration and the Accountancy who is the boy and who is the girl? The National Agency for Fiscal Administration is Prince charming and the Accountancy is the Tear.

The relations between the National Agency for Fiscal Administration and the Accountancy are based on mutual respect, cordiality and unstinted support. I am joking.

The girl is showing her curves, without exposing them, the boy suggests, to whom admires him, smartness, strength. He shows himself the master of the situation, She keeps her face in the shadow, bewaring of the light, silently working for the prosperity of the family. And for Him itself, it is understood, who is always primary. Because he is scary, and She is shy on high heels, clink-clank on the halls, from the computer to her boss and backwards, undulate move among the numbers.

He looks for collecting, to her boss dismay and She is always careful, sometimes she is looking asquint: with an eye on him, with an eye to her boss.

Every day, after the sleep and after the morning coffee, they are going to work in a hot environment. They work separate, but they are always with thinking one at each other. He would hold Her closer to him, She would suspend and dismiss Him.


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