Why do the entrepreneur earn money from work

The businessman earn from other’s work like this: my work, the one who is working, has a bigger value for the one for whom I work than it has for me, the one who works. I am satisfied with a particular price of my work, little than the price that the businessman can obtain who, presumptive, sells forward my work. In other words, the one for whom I work obtains a bigger price for my work than I could obtain from him at that moment. The businessman money hide the work came from me, plus his work. His work consists in selling my work at a better price than he bought it. If the business is a success, he is a businessman, if the business is not a success; the time when he won’t be a businessman anymore is close. If you  work for a businessman, wish him all good.

If you work for the state, think that if you were in the private field you couldn’t do that. The state is a perfect businessman; it takes an interest from every businessman earning and even more. As for you, you don’t need to have emotions: you only have to concern that the company where you work to need you.

Apropos of emotion: How do you think it will be in July? “Hot” or “cool”?


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