Free access to Romanian legislation

The Minister of Justice, dr. Titus Corlatean, sent a solicitation to the Chamber of Deputies regarding the free and full access to Romanian legislation. The Minister of Justice underlined that „there are strong arguments in favor of the free publication and permanent availability of the legislation in an accessible format of the documents that are comprised in the First Part of the Official Gazette of Romania, especially from the perspective of the accessibility of the law – an essential requirement that derives from the European Convention on Human Rights but also an EU requirement – guaranteeing free access to legislation was already acknowledged as an essential condition for the obedience of the law. In criminal matters it is absolutely vital that the legislation that incriminates be available to the citizens for free”. The Minister also added that “the normative acts that are in the PDF format of the Gazette cannot be copied nor printed; they are available for a short while on the Official Gazette’s website, after which the access is restricted and allowed only through payment. The legislations of other European states are, in generally, available and permanent on the websites of their Official Gazettes”.

>> The source: JURIDICE.ro


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