The legal occupations. Why do we earn money

The jurists aren’t businessmen

The jurists aren’t businessmen. Not earning money is their main concern, but the law and, very important, the justice.

Why do the jurists earn money

The justice is something easy to do, because the people choose the injustice. They look for satisfying their wishes. For this reason, the jurists’ work is social capitalized, that means the society and the particulars give much money for justice. It was a joke. Actually, the jurists earn money because they are involved in conflicts between the people, being potential conflicts (notaries, assessors), being high conflicts (magistrates, arbitrators, lawyers, receivers). As many people, the jurists accept money according to the adequacy, the social consideration, the quality and the quantity of their activity. The juridical occupations have a considerable social consideration.

If actually the money is very important

If earning money is the main concern, there are many ways, for jurists, to earn money; one is bound up with the juridical work: the bribe.

The bribe: The bribe is an important source of money. Because the jurists are holding, inevitable, a key position in society, they may favor or confuse obtaining the satisfactions by other people, glad to pay for obtaining a satisfaction. The bribe is so important that is has a special juridical regulation, of criminal law: the graft. To earn money on this way is more difficult, because is more and more risky to take bribe because is more and more risky to give bribe.

Businesses. Another important way to earn money is the large field of business. Unfortunately, in business the social-familiar background is vital. The businesses aren’t made alone and aren’t made only for one person, but in a group and for the group. If the blood bond or any bond do not place you in a group, the businesses are so hard to make that it don’t represent a real option to earn money, because the success has an exceptional character, is not a rule.

Secretariat. Is not sounding well, but this way is very adequate for quickly advancing in an organization. The secretarial activity of people with legal studies who can do that will be easy remarkable if it is developed at a very good qualitative level. A good jurist is able to realize secretarial activities at a very good level, of course, only who can do more, can do little too… Due to the proximity beside the decisional factor, the position of that who is involved in secretarial activities may become very quick so important so that the headman can appreciate that the good work of the jurist, who starts from the beginning, must be valorized better on a different position in the hierarchy, so higher and more many-making.

The invention: To be creative, inventive is very accessible for a jurist. Actually, the creativity is a necessary ability of every jurist, because he must interpret the legal texts to apply them to the situations to which nobody ever thought, and the legislator even less. The innovation taken to a higher level, with the well knowledge of the juridical mechanisms, is designed to bring high advantages, due to the high capacity of the effort/time allocation. The lively spirit doubled by the seriousness in approach and hyper motivation in action may bring to the jurist who isn’t unlucky big material satisfactions.

The donation. The donations are the pavement of a beautiful life. To obtain the rise of your own patrimony through donations is the easy way to earn money. Unfortunately, is necessary the animus donandi too, in practice it cuts the possibilities to obtain a success on this way. The generosity is a rare but pretty frivol bird. The instability in this field is an important rule, because the balance between talking and receiving facts is hard to maintain.

Oh, the work too!

The juridical work is a way to earn money, but not too much. Is not easy at all, you work only if you don’t have another option, because the work is about changing your health with money. However, if it is made with responsibility and dedication, the work may bring quite a few earnings. If the objective is to earn money, then the work is a relative accessible way, with the condition to like the things you do every day. In my opinion, is not to blame, as it is said. The juridical work may offer daily satisfactions as little victories and fruitions. You cannot gain happiness with money, aren’t you? Our purpose should have little happiness, every day. In my opinion, the jurists may do that even more easily than the people with other activities. This is what I want for you too!





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