For the entrepreneur: the accountant is a handkerchief

It seems that the expression “between Scylla and Charybdis” belongs to the poet Phillipe Gautier de Chatillon (23rd century) and it refers to a history from the Odyssey, the history of two women, Scylla and Charybdis, transformed by the gods in a dangerous stone and in a deep abyss. Situated one near the other they put in great danger the ships. The expression denotes impasse, like the expression “between the devil and the deep sea”.

That’s how I felt one night when I was staying without working. Usually I work, but that night I was with some friends around the table. Suddenly, while I was eating an apple, I had a feeling of guilt: I’m not working. I swallowed this feeling and I felt bad at my stomach… Between Scylla and Charybdis. I like talking with my friends but I like working too.

I think that’s how the entrepreneurs who make tax evasion are feeling: one way they live with the sword of Damocles on top of their head, like criminal sanctions + delay fine, and on the other way they want to survive, borrowing from the State thourgh the unpayment of taxes and fees mode.

A solution to eliminate this physical agony is to quit the business. Another solution would be that the economical environment of Romania to allow the harmonious development of business. But I think for the businessmen any of these solutions is realist. Between the hammer of the Revenue Authority and the anvil of a life as an employee, the entrepreneurs are sweating in their attempt to manage the ship of their business to a practicable breach. The accountant is the handkerchief with which the businessman is drying his forehead, this is what I wish for you too: to be happy that you have an accountant, and when you wear the businessman suit don’t forget to keep them in the pocket, near your heart.


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