Romanian Legal Week in brief: January 29-February 4, 2018

Ioana-Cătălina Barbu

Law regarding non-patrimonial associative organisations in Romania. On Friday, the 26th of January 2018, the National Bar Union of Romania published a bill regarding non-patrimonial associative organisations.  [source]

Accounting norms completed. On Monday, the 29th of January 2018, the Ministry of Public Finances launched into public debate a draft Order completing some accounting norms. [source]

Annex regarding non-governmental organisations recognition amended. On Wednesday, the 31st of January 2018, the Ministry of External Affairs launched into public debate the draft amending the annex to Government Decision no. 786/1007 regarding the preliminary approval of a non-governmental organisation The German Marshall Fund of the United States – A Memorial to the Marshall Plan.” [source]

Law regarding packaging and waste. On Thursday, the 1st of February 2018, the Ministry of Environment launched into public debate a draft amending and completing Law no. 211/2011 regarding waste and Law no. 249 regarding packaging and waste due to packaging. [source]

Ioana-Cătălina Barbu

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