Appeal against the forced execution of tax

New permits for old foreigners: The Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 533 dated 28 July 2011, published the Law for the modification and completion of the Emergency Ordinance of the Government no. 194/2002 on the regime of foreigners in Romania and the Emergency Ordinance of the Government no. 56/2007 on the employment and the detachment of the foreigners in Romania. The new law introduces the long stay visa for detachment, the long stay visa for employment and repeals the simplified procedure of employment for the permanent workers which previous were detached to the same Romanian company. To stop looking the needle in a haystack the new law provides the possibility of the assignment of a personal identification number and to foreigners which don’t benefit a stay right in Romania in order to exercise certain rights and obligations. * * * Admissibility of the appeal to the title in tax procedure: The legal professional Bogdan Iacob made an interesting analysis of the admissibility of the appeal to the title in tax procedure. In the current regulatory the dispositions of the art. 172 paragraph (3) from the Governmental Ordinance no. 92/2003 on the Tax procedure code, allow, in certain conditions the appeal of the enforcement under which has started the forced execution. The middle procedural through which can be formulated defenses fund even against the enforcement was called traditionally [1] appeal to the title and is not nothing but a loan in tax procedure of the dispositions of the art. 399 paragraph (3) Code of civil procedure, is showing Bogdan Iacob. * * * The Ministry of Justice interrogates the Superior Council of Magistracy, the New Code is waiting: The Ministry of Justice took a step to the tech of the justice system offering to the judges and to the parliamentarians one DVD with the new Civil Code. In the institutional dialogue was chosen for the classical, the Ministry of Justice questioning the Superior Council of Magistracy, by a letter, on the efforts made for the implementation of the new civil law. The Superior Council of Magistracy responded epistolary accusing the Ministry for the lack of dialogue on the justice laws. Waiting for the denouement the system of justice debates the New Civil Code trying to find out how to read and how to interpret. * * * The Rules of Procedure modified – new features, less personal, great responsibility: The Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 565, dated 9 August 2011 published the Decision of the Plenum of the Superior Council of Magistracy no. 504/2011 for the modification and the completion of the Rules of Procedure of the courts, approved by the Decision of the Plenum of the Superior Council of Magistracy no. 387/2005. The lack of staff appears to be temporarily attenuated by the possibility of transfer of a judge from one department to another, in court which operates, with a period of two months training. By the same act is created the position of delegated judge for the measures on the unification. In the attributions of the delegated judge are included the centralization matchlessly practice problems, noticed by the lower courts, the drawing of the essays on the legal matchlessly solved issues and the selection of the relevant decisions on the issue solved matchlessly. * * * Deta under siege: Wednesday, 10 August 2011, the Public Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice made public that result of numerous press articles and TV reports, on the incident that took place in Deta, where more young people were involved and in where it was accredited the idea of some judicial solutions, willing in 2009, 2010, and 2011 favorable for the Mayors sons, under the provisions of the art. 65 paragraph 3 of the Law no. 304/2004 modified and republished and provisions of the art. 6 letter e of the Rules of Procedure of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, published in Monitorul Oficial – Part I, no. 154 dated 05.03.2011. At the scene were identified some solutions of not to commence criminal prosecution, a reference to court and a proposal for arrest, all good and lawful. * * * The Romanian Police – follow me on Twitter: Monday, 8 August 2011, the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police announced the launch of Facebook and Twitter accounts dedicated to the activities of the Romanian police. The two accounts will ensure the information of the citizens on the important activities developed by the Inspectorate of Romanian Police and will provide images from the actions of general interests. The Romanian police will be present on Youtube and on Flicker. For troubleshooting of the citizens remain current the emergency numbers.


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