PwC Romania launches the recruitment app HireVue in order to facilitate the recruitment process for junior positions within the firm

PwC Romania launches the online recruitment app HireVue that is meant to facilitate the recruitment process of the candidates for the junior positions available within the firm.


“The young generation is hyper-connected and mobile, engaged in so many projects, and by launching this innovate online application we are trying to meet their need for simplification of the recruitment process. Also, we are trying to promote a gamified approach for the whole selection process and to undertake as many of the recruitment steps online, including the hiring interviews”, stated Ionuţ Simion, Country Managing Partner, PwC Romania.


“This year we had 120 positions open for junior consultants and interns in the assurance and tax consulting departments and hundreds of candidates applied for the selections process. By launching the online application HireVue we will put at the candidates’ disposal a very simple to use instrument, through which they can fill in an online test first, no matter where they are or what hour they want to perform the test. The completion of this first test takes no more than 5 to 7 minutes and, depending on the results, they will be invited to take part in the next stages of the recruitment process. Basically, by using this app we will save the candidates’ time, while the recruitment process will be simplified and speeded up. This way, the candidates will find out in a very short time if they were accepted or not”, stated Ramona Simulescu, Human Resources Leader, PwC South Eastern Europe.


More information about the open positions within PwC can be found by accessing the following webpage www.pwc.com/jobs

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