European Salary Survey. Romania is interesting

Deloitte recently published the second edition of its annual European Salary Survey. The study shows the fiscal regime that is applicable to the salary income and also makes a classification of fiscal efficiency in the economical context of today.

In the salary expenses chapter Romania keeps its good image amongst western employers, through its 16% for-all tax rate. On the downside, Romania loses track on social contributions, that are higher that other countries’ in the region.

Raluca Bontaș, Senior Manager Deloitte Tax: “In the context of high social contributions, we can state that Romania stays alluring for the hiring of work force with well-paid jobs, of over 50 000 euros/ year, due to the pension contribution. For those with low of medium income, we cannot state the same, the burden of social contributions being a heavy load on employers.

On the up side, Romania is still a good choice for expats that want to live here, both from a tax perspective and daily living expenses.

>> The source: JURIDICE.ro



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