About love, for students

Motto: “Love the equity as you love each other!” (MC)

May is not a true month, but a season for love.

The love cause is a chemical disorder, as the anger, when the mind is disturbed and you no longer see, nor feel the need, it is well!

The natural love effect: the children.

When do children believe there is love? For example:
“When my grandmother had arthritis and she couldn’t paint her nails my grandfather painted them for her, although he had arthritis too.”
“When you give someone a piece of your food, without expecting that person to give you from his food.”
“When mom makes coffee for dad and after she tastes a little before giving it to him, to ensure that is has good taste.”

There are people who feel love for equity. When they are judges or lawyers, it is very good.
This is what I want for you.


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