We sit well with the crime

Another ghost application of the Ministry of Finances: After resounding success with sites and applications designed to simplify the taxpayer’s life and to facilitate the tax collection the Ministry of Finance notifies a new blockbuster: the development, together with the credit institutions, of a simplified system for the payment of the taxes, in relation to consolidated general budget, for the individuals who are their customers, without charging bank fees. In theory the system will be operational starting on 18 August 2011 for the clients of the Commercial Bank of Romania, which will be operational in September for the clients of the Home Savings Bank and Bancpost. The citizens can access the services of this system by internet banking or at the counters of the bank, using an application, made available by the Ministry of Finance, with which can complete the payment. This application will be made available to citizens even on the site of the Ministry. Nothing remains but to see if the practice is killing us. * * * We sit well with the crime: The General Prosecutor released the activity report of the Public Ministry for the first half of 2011. Although it was predictable, we learned with certainty that Romania is a litigation country by definition: reported to the number of 22.607 indictments we have 147 defendants for each 100000 inhabitants. The stock in this semester was 1.272.331 cases to solve of which were completed about 300000. The increases signified by the indictments were recorded in areas of interest for the estate penal policy: smuggling (326, 6%), pimping (190, 9%), work fatalities (100%), counterfeiting of foreign securities (100%), corruption (90, 9%) and tax evasion (68, 9%). And if we look at the prosecutors that have put precautionary measures which worth 637,870,313 lei we can hope for an economic recovery. * * *  To be or not to be a Member State: In the Official Journal of the European Union series L 207 dated 12 August 2011 was published de Decision of the European Commission dated 11 August 2011 of authorization of Spain to temporarily suspend for Romanian workers the application of the articles 1-6 from the Regulation (EU) no. 492/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the free movement of the workers in the Union. The motivation of this measure indicates an invasion of the Romanian workers in the Spanish space which shows that is never too late to conquer territories. * * * How we get a driving license made in Romania: In Monitorul Oficial of Romania, part I, no. 578 dated 16 August 2011 was published the Order on the minister of administration and interior no. 163/2011 on the changing of the national driving licenses issued by the competent authorities of other states with Romanian similar documents. To benefit from the offer the person must have the home, the residence or the normal residence in Romania, to hold a driving license issued by the authorities of EU Member States, of Convention Member States on road traffic, completed at Vienna on 8 November 1968 or of the States with which Romania completed a treaty on the mutual recognition of driving licenses and to wait 30 days until the release of the driving license made in Romania. * * * What we charge, when we charge, how we charge? In the Official Journal of the European Union series C 238 dated 13 August 2011 was published the information according to which the Court of Appeal of Bucharest noticed the Justice Court of the European Union with a request of pronunciation of a preliminary decision on the deduction of VAT on purchase of building. So better ask twice and cut once the national court put into question two problems: if you can deduce the VAT when you purchase buildings subject to demolition, with an area of land in building of a new residential complex and if the demolition is subject to the adjustment of the VAT related to the purchase of buildings.


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