SCHOENHERR Tax Bucharest launches transfer pricing practice

In a BEPS environment where profit transfer between affiliated companies, between or within jurisdictions, is increasingly monitored, on national as well as international levels, our decision to expand our range with transfer pricing advisory services comes naturally. This move meets the needs of our clients, while reaffirming Schoenherr’s commitment to be a one-stop-shop for highly technical legal and fiscal services”, said Theodor Artenie, Managing Director of SCHOENHERR Tax Bucharest.

The decision comes in a context where transfer pricing receives an increasing amount of attention from Schoenherr’s traditional and potential clients, as authorities look ever closer into this segment. Thus, the team coordinated by Theodor Artenie adds transfer pricing advisory services to the range of fiscal services provided by Schoenherr Tax at the highest standards of quality.

”Throughout this year we have identified several strategic points for development going further, and fiscal consultancy was one of the priorities. I am very pleased that we have managed to mobilise efficiently and start this activity before the beginning of next year, which will be a very interesting year for us, as well as for the entire economy”, said Sebastian Gutiu, Managing Partner of Schoenherr’s Bucharest office.

Theodor Artenie has more than 12 years of experience in professional business services, out of which eight have been spent as part of the tax advisory practice of a Big Four advisory firm in Romania. His main area of expertise is value-added tax (VAT), in which he has extensive knowledge and experience with regard to the relevant Romanian and EU legislation. Theodor has extensive experience in managing complex cross-border tax projects after spending a year in the Big Four’s VAT practice in London.

Over the years, Theodor has played an instrumental role in several initiatives to amend and modernize the Romanian VAT legislation in accordance with the requirements of the Romanian business environment and EU best practices (e.g. he has been part of the Phare project aimed at aligning the domestic VAT legislation with the provisions of the VAT Directive right before Romania’s accession to the EU, he has been part of AMCHAM’s task force for modernizing the Romanian VAT legislation).

Theodor’s client portfolio includes almost exclusively large multinational companies in the technology, real estate, defense, energy, industrial products, services and automotive sectors. Theodor is a Certified Tax Advisor since 2012 and also one of the few Certified PPP (Public Private Partnerships) experts in Romania.

About Schoenherr

Schoenherr is a leading full service law firm in Central and Eastern Europe. Operating in a rapidly evolving environment, we are a dynamic and innovative firm with an effective blend of experienced lawyers and young talent. As one of the first international law firms to move into CEE/SEE, we have grown to be one of the largest firms in the region. With 14 offices and several country desks, our comprehensive coverage of the region means we can offer solutions that perfectly fit the given industry, jurisdiction and company.

In Romania, Schoenherr started its operations in 1996, being at the time among the first law firms offering legal services at Western quality standards. Throughout the years, Schoenherr și Asociatii has been involved in projects of the biggest magnitude and offered legal solutions to problems of the most diverse types. The firm assisted the acquisitions of important companies in the heavy industry or food and beverage. Also, Schoenherr advised multinational corporations on the development of supermarket chains or fuel distribution stations.

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