Romanian Legal Week: November 21-27, 2016

Adina Oprea

Rules for managing emergency situation | Draft
The Interior Ministry has launched for public debate the Order for approving the framework-structure of the regulation for managing emergencies.

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Amendment of the procedure authorizing certain bodies to import goods under exemption regime | Draft
The Ministry of Finance released for public debate the draft Order for amending the Procedure on authorizing certain bodies to import goods under exemption regime, approved by the Order no.105/2016 of the Ministry of Public Finance.

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European Comission. Romania received two reasoned opinions due to delays in transposing EU legislation
Romania received, on November 17, 2016, two reasoned opinions from the European Commission regarding transparency rules to transactions on regulated markets and on oil stocks, according to a press release.

Romania, together with other European states (Spain, Portugal, Irland) should have transposed the rules regulated under Transparency Directive (2013/50 / EU) until 26 November 2015, however due to failure to meet the original deadline, the Commission send letters of formal notice in January 2016. The current request takes the form of a reasoned opinion and in case the Member States concerned do not take action within two months, they can be sent to the Court of Justice

Also, Romania must ensure the implementation and application of Oil stocks Directive (2009/119 / EC), according to the reasoned opinion sent by the Commission. Since publication of the notice, Romania has two months to inform the Commission on measures taken to remedy the situation, otherwise, the Commission may decide to refer the matter to the EU Court of Justice.

Amendment of legislation on foreigners in Romania | Draft
As of 22 November 2016, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  launched for public debate the draft of the Government Emmergency Ordinance amending and supplementing certain acts on foreigners in Romania.

The changes envisage, among others,  the possibility of requesting additional evidence, in cases where the personal circumstances of visa applicants are unclear or the possibility to performe an interview with visa applicants, including during the period of application processing.

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Changing the Norms for the evaluation and approval of advertising on human use medicines | Draft
The Health Ministry launched for public debate, on  22 November 2016,  the draft Order for amending Order no. 194/2015 of the Health Ministry for approving the Norms for the assessment and endorsement of advertising for human use medicines and for repealing Order no. 874/2015 on approving the forms for declaring sponsorship activities in the field of medical devices and sanitary materials.

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Adina Elena Oprea

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