Maravela & Asociaţii supports HOSPICE Casa Speranţei

Starting with this year, Maravela & Asociații acts as honorary patron of HOSPICE Casa Speranței’s Adunații Copăceni socio-medical project.

The nongovernmental charity organization HOSPICE Casa Speranței was established in Braşov, in 1992, at the initiative of the British Graham Perolls, with the purpose of introducing and developing palliative care for children and adults suffering from a terminal illness.

The organization currently holds two integrated services centres in Brașov and București and mobile teams in Făgăraș and Zărnești. HOSPICE developed complete palliative care services, offered in day centres, walk in clinics, own inpatient units, at the patients` homes and in partner hospitals. In its 24 years of existence, HOSPICE brought relief and hope for more than 20.000 children and adults suffering from terminal illnesses. HOSPICE Casa Speranței develops palliative care nationally and internationally through informational campaigns, educational programs dedicated to professionals, patients and the entire community, as well as by improving the related legislation.

In its capacity as honorary patron, Maravela supports the activity of HOSPICE Casa Speranței through various endeavours: encouraging its employees and collaborators to redirect 2% of their income tax towards HOSPICE Casa Speranței, attending events organized by the organization (galas, charity dinners, sports events) and actively attending the foundation`s organizational meetings, offering pro bono legal assistance, through press campaigns, involvement in fundraising activities and so on.

We are grateful for the support Maravela & Asociaţii provides to HOSPICE Casa Speranței. The need for palliative care is very high in Romania and we continuously try to extend our services in order to reach more patients, thus any help, either from individuals or companies, is of great value to us” declared Mirela Nemțanu, executive director of the nongovernmental organization.

Seizing this opportunity, Maravela & Asociații invites its colleagues and collaborators to take part in and support the endeavours of HOSPICE Casa Speranței and wishes to raise the awareness concerning the usefulness and necessity of providing palliative care in Romania.

”We are proud to support HOSPICE`s cause in any way possible. I believe that anyone is sensitive to the immense drama that people touched by incurable illnesses go through, together with their families. The first thing that springs to mind when you hear the term incurable is hopelessness, and the fact that this organization supports and brings real benefits to these people is extraordinary. I equally consider that everyone should get involved and I congratulate HOSPICE for their countless successes.” stated Gelu Maravela, Managing Partner of Maravela & Asociații.

Companies can support HOSPICE through:

  • directing up to 20% of their tax on profit, based on the law of sponsorship (details here);
  • informing their employees about the possibility of redirecting 2% of their income tax towards the organization (details here) and of punctual donations (details here);
  • facilitating meetings with other companies with a sponsorship potential;
  • attending charity events organized in the organization`s benefit and sponsoring;
  • marketing campaigns (details here);
  • placing donation boxes in selling points (details here).

Individuals can support HOSPICE through:

  • volunteering in one of the centres or at the organization’s headquarters;
  • punctual or recurrent donations, directly into the organization`s account (details here);
  • redirecting 2% of their income tax towards the organization (details here);
  • buying from the Bootik Charity Shop (details here);
  • attending sports events where HOSPICE benefits from its Team HOSPICE;
  • individual fundraising through the Galantom platform (details here).


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