Romanian Legal Week: 22-28 August, 2016

Anda-Laura Tănase

The completion of the Law on the Tax Code
The Ministry of Public Finance has launched in public debate on Tuesday, 23rd August 2016, the draft of the Emergency Ordinance on the completion of Law no. 227/2015 regarding the Tax Code.

:: Draft of the Emergency Ordinance
:: Substantion Note

Cosmina Sima

Sugar Tax in United Kingdom
United Kingdom has launched a sugar tax in order to fight the infantile obesity, and the money collected from the tax  will be invested in programs that encourage physical activity and balanced diet for pupils.

As a result, it will be charged the companies who sell sugar drinks that contain over 5 sugars grams per 100 milliliters, whilst the drinks with a bigger sugar contain will be taxed more.

The President of the Association of the Soft Drinks producers from Great Britain, Gavin Partington has criticized this initiative, considering that this is a “punitive tax” that will lead to the loss of many jobs without having a significant impact on obesity.

Günther H. Oettinger, European commissioner, visit in Romania
During 25-26th of August 2016, the European commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Günther H. Oettinger has visited Romania and held a series of discussions with members from of the Romanian Government.

During a conference dedicated to the digitization, Günther H. Oettinger has said: “The future wars will not borne with tanks, but with computer networks. Therefore, development of infrastructure and cyber security are essential”.

The Romanian Ombudsman asks for explanations from the Ministry of Health about the increase of the possible cases of malpractice and negligence
The Romanian Ombudsman, ex officio, has asked to the Ministry of Health to report the measures adopted in order to prevent the future malpractice/ negligence cases in the practice of medical care that end up with deaths, especially in the case of transfusions and perfusions done wrong, according to a press statement of the Romanian Ombudsman from 25th August 2016.

As well, the Romanian Ombudsman requires to the Ministry of Health to report if the Ministry finds necessary to issue new regulations to prevent situations of malpractice and negligence( in the matter of sanctioning the negligence in the practice of medical care, as well as new measures to reward the potential donors of blood).

The organization of the General Assembly of the Confederation of European Probation
The Ministry of Justice has launched in public debate on Thursday, 25th of August 2016, the Draft of the Government Decision regarding some measures for the organization and process of the General Assembly of the Confederation of European Probation and of the Conference Alternatives for the detention, which will be held in Bucharest, during 5-7th of October 2016.

:: The Draft of Decision
:: The substantion note
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Anda-Laura Tănase
Cosmina Sima

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