Customs guarantee treatment for special customs procedures or free zones

Amongst the new orders which transpose the provisions of the new Customs Code of the Union ( “CVU”) in the national legislation, we mention:
– Technical norms for the authorization of special regimes;
– Technical norms on the use of simplified customs declarations and entry in the declarant’s records;
– Technical norms on authorization for the simplification of the determination of the customs value of goods;
– Technical norms regarding the use and completion of customs declarations and explanatory notes on codes used in the customs declarations;
– Technical norms regarding the registration for customs purposes of economic operators and other persons.

In terms of the new orders, the most important provision is the one regarding the customs guarantee. In case of special customs regimes (e.g. bonded warehouse, inward processing) will guarantee the customs duties and the tariff measures.

If an authorisation for the special customs regime will involve more Member States, is necessary to constitute a guarantee covering both import duties, and other taxes payable relating to the importation of goods – VAT, anti-dumping, etc.

Most customs facilities are conditioned by obtaining the AEO authorization or by fulfillment of the AEO criteria.

What does it mean for you?

It is important to analyse the specific impact of the new national orders on your company to benefit from the new facilities and comply with the new requirements.

You should pay particular attention to these national provisions, in particular when using special procedures (temporary storage, customs warehousing, inward, outward processing, transit, etc.) or simplified customs procedures.

Pieter Wessel

Mihai Petre

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