How to prevent a fine?

When you choose a particular interpretation of an interpretable legislative text of the fiscal Code, write down three or four arguments for your option. When you are checked you write down your point of view. You will have a pleasant surprise! Here’s why:

An article of the fiscal Code is buzzing in an accountant mind. He calls a friend. Lawyer. They read together and they are amazed. It is Globus.

They go to the park, where they meet many wonderful people who they don’t know, unfortunately, because life is too short to do whatever you would like and you can do. The thoughts of the two men circle the article, of which the interpretations are bouncing among the paragraphs as if it is an old barrel where you put a fresh must. When it turns into wine nothing will come out. When the client is checked everything becomes clear, like a fine.

How to prevent a fine? The gratification is not an option, come with us on the second program: learn from the specialized professionals.

In spite of all your preventing attempts, you may be fined…

If you are fined, in spite all of your attempts for not being fined, worth to call the Justice? Of course it does, because it is blind. But the judges aren’t. They understand quickly and, in most of the cases, well. Worth trying!


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