The judicial year started, finally…

The police proffesional integrity… to control: the Ministry of Interior has found the key to prevent the corruption. The Ministry launched in a public debate a project that provides professional integrity testing of employees of the Ministry. * * * Start to the head of courts and prosecutor’s office: The NIM will hold a competition for 4 months (during 23 September – 14 December 2011) leading to appointment of judges and prosecutors. The psychological testing is the first test, followed by supporting the project and the written test. It remains to see the participants. * * * The Ombudsman is also a law professor: With a considerable majority, lecturer. Dr. Gheorghe Iancu from the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest was elected Ombudsman. The decision was published in Monitorul Oficial of Romania. * * * The number of courts is increasing: The proposal of the Ministry of Justice and of the Court of Appeal of Bucharest regarding the establishment of the Court of Ilfov from 1 November 2011 was favorable approved by SCM the Judge Laura Andrei, the vice president of the Court of Bucharest, present at the meeting of SCM, said that the overloaded court she runs will be suspended from the new court only up to 10%. * * * The disciplinary responsibility of the magistrates endorsed under conditions: The project of the Ministry of Justice regarding the disciplinary responsibility of the magistrates was approved conditioned by SCM. It is not known which the conditions are as the SCM said that they will do the subject of a detailed document that will be presented during the parliamentary debate. What is all about? * * * In the autumn the Civil Code it is included: The Civil Code came into force in a non-working day. The magistrates, the lawyers, the notaries, the civil society representatives attended the conferences in the country for the knowledge and the media coverage of the Code. The registration of the conferences can be viewed on * * * The judicial year 2011-2012 was released one month after starting: Released with some delay, at the event being held at the Romanian Academy the posts of the participants flowed. The SCM president, judge Horatius Dumbrava underlined the challenge occasion by the entry into force of the new Civil Code and the imminent entry into force of the other codes. Finally, he expressed his hope that next year’s opening of the judiciary to be made in the “Room of the lost steps” of the new headquarter of HCCJ. The Minister Predoiu pointed the vulnerabilities of the judiciary system. There are four. And the fact that the Ministry of Justice will maintain the performance line. The president of HCCJ, Doina Livia Stanciu, talked about the changes of the judiciary system in the last 20 years and about the entry into force of the new Civil Code, to which she wished “to enjoy of the same stability, of the same strength, to be as strong and good as the old Civil Code”. * * * 40 magistrate positions open for competition: The contest it is opened for the lawyers with 5 years old. Although only the number of vacant prosecutor positions is about 450, according to the General Prosecutor, it is surprising the organization of a contest for such a small number of positions. It will be the first contest in the history of NIM with subjects from the new Civil Code. * * * NO to the clandestine law: The Standing Committee of the National Union of Bars of Romania has expressed a clear message, without doubt, strong and long awaited on the so called NARB founded by Pompiliu Bota. 26.756 lawyers are enrolled in NARB (real lawyers, not imaginary).


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