Deloitte Legal Dbrief. Cross-Border Relocation of Companies within the EU: A Chance for Your Company? – Opportunities, Challenges and Potential Pitfalls

REFF & ASSOCIATES, the law firm representing Deloitte Legal in Romania, is delighted to invite you Wednesday, 11 May, 12:00 – 1:00 PM CEST to participate in the next Dbrief, focused on Cross-Border Relocation of Companies within the EU: A Chance for Your Company? – Opportunities, Challenges and Potential Pitfalls.

In addition to cross-border mergers, the transfer / relocation of the statutory seat of a company from one EU Member state to another whilst simultaneously changing the legal form of the entity into a legal form of the recipient EU Member state has become a viable reorganisation option within the EU for international groups of companies. Such relocation of limited liability companies within Europe is a consequence of the freedom of establishment and ECJ case law, potentially offering tax benefits in comparison to cross-border mergers or other options like asset transfers and cross-border accretions. It may be an alternative to a potentially burdensome liquidation and formation of a new company. We’ll discuss:
– General possibility of relocation within the EU.
– Opportunities, challenges  and potential pitfalls.
– Practical experience with successful recent relocations in Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.
– Tax treatment and potential benefits associated with relocations – avoidance of transfer taxes and in particular avoidance of Real Estate Transfer Tax.

Gain insights from the Deloitte experts and understand how your company may manage these new trend and priorities.

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