Transitional norms of the Union Customs Code regarding electronic systems were published

The Union Customs Code (“UCC”), which will enter into force starting May 1st, 2016, provides exclusive electronic processing of information.
The transitional norms were published given the non-availability of electronic systems necessary for the exchange of information between customs authorities as well as between economic operators and customs authorities. They provide, among others, the following:
– the means for the exchange and storage of information, other than electronic data- processing techniques, may be used on a transitional basis until 31 December 2020 (e.g. binding tariff information and authorised economic operator applications and decisions);
– data relating to customs value (D.V.1), in paper and electronic format, are still in use until the system is fully modernized;
– the value for which customs value declaration will not be submitted has been increased to EUR 20,000 (from EUR 10,000).

What to do?
With the UCC becoming applicable in less than two months from now, we strongly advise you to start preparing your company for the upcoming changes. Economic operators should pay special attention to these transitional norms, in particular when managing special procedures (temporary storage, bonded warehouse, inward and outward processing relief, transit, etc.)

However, on the General Customs Directorate website, nine draft orders regarding implementation of the UCC have been published, such as:
– Draft order approving the Norms regarding the use of the simplification and entry in the declarant’s records;
– Draft order approving the technical norms for the use of the Romanian automated processing system of the import customs declaration;
– Draft order approving the technical norms of use of the Export Control System etc.

Pieter Wessel

Mihai Petre

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