Authorization procedure for temporary storage spaces and those used in free zones

A procedure has recently been published for authorizing warehouses and perimeters for the temporary storage of non-Community goods in the customs territory of Romania, between the time they are presented to customs and when they are assigned a customs destination. The procedure for registering warehouses in a free zone has also been published.

According to these norms, people interested in temporary storage activity can obtain an authorization from the customs authority.

Authorising the warehouse or the perimeter for temporary storage is conditioned by the prior approval of the evidence records of the goods by the competent customs office, in order to permit monitoring the exploitation of the spaces for temporary storage, especially in terms of identifying the goods stored, the customs status and movement of goods. In addition, the space has to meet certain safety conditions.

For the goods located in temporary storage, business operators should establish a guarantee covering 100% of the import duties.

What does it mean for you?
Temporary storage authorizations issued based on these norms will allow temporary storage of non-Community goods into the customs territory of Romania, between the time they are presented to customs and when they are assigned a customs destination.

What to do?
To avoid authorizing temporary storage under the new provisions applicable starting May 1st, 2016, which require a VAT guarantee, economic operators may obtain such authorization until April 30, which will also be valid after May 1st, 2016.

Pieter Wessel

Mihai Petre

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