Lawyr.it has started its third year of existence with the tenth issue of its magazine

Lawyr.it, a peer-reviewed legal journal focused on Central Eastern Europe, is celebrating the launch of the tenth issue of their magazine and also their third year of existence. The new issue gathers an exceptional array of articles, briefings, reports and more, covering a wide range of legal subjects, from articles on domestic or international matters to interviews with legal professionals or students, opportunities and even a debate rubric.

The entire Lawyr.it team would like to thank all their kind supporters, contributors, and readers for being part of this unique and enthusiastic project. Furthermore, they are inviting you to discover their latest release here: http://lawyr.it/index.php/about-us/news/706-special-autumn-offer-a-band-new-issue-and-a-new-lawyr-it-team-2

About Lawyr.it

Lawyr.it was founded by a team of Romanian students almost two years ago, and soon extended to other Central Eastern European countries, becoming an international legal publication made exclusively by students. Apart from the legal magazine, Lawyr.it website also features a blog, a section comprising various opportunities for law students, as well as and a legal dictionary.

 More details about the project can be found at www.lawyr.it.

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