About the rhythm of CJEU

I think CJEU is an interesting topic because it sounds spectacular: Court of Justice of the European Union. The European Union is a spectacular structure and what to talk about Justice … About the CJEU I can say that it is an organization as I rarely see. For the most part expressions are full of meaning and truth, but “organization rarely seen” is an exception, is full of meaningless. In fact, I’ve never seen anything like this, such an organization. In addition, an organization can not be seen, because it is abstract. About the building of CJEU I formed an opinion like this, but about the ”first instance” of this organization I can not say much. In an attempt to be around I’ll refer to the rhythm of the ECJ.

CJEU rustles. Many people sail on corridors having the air that they have an accurate purpose or at least, they know what they do. A common analogy is that the people are the blood of the organization, but the overall impression is of rhythm. Dynamism characterizes people’s attitudes and procedures. It emits accuracy and determination.

The products of this mechanism, the CJEU judgements, not only have impact upon entities whose interests are facing before the judges, but exerts a profound influence on the legal culture of Europe, especially because of the way that they are written, how are placed in page the Fundamental Principles of the European Edifice.

CJEU judgements look like the video of a song that we can watch on specialized TV channels and internet: contain values ​​that penetrate the consciousness of people, both consciously and especially unconsciously. The essential difference between the judgments of the CJEU and music videos is that the latter have a very wide target audience, compared to the first. Just some read CJEU judgements but everyone watch videos. The rhythm is in both cases alert. It is the rhythm of those who are active and attentive. It is a rhythm hard to keep up with. Being hard to keep up with, it means that it is not for everyone, but only for some. I’m glad that  JURIDICE.ro connects people who read judgements of CJEU, including at least one of the people who is making those judgements of CJEU.

This Night let’s enjoy together!

dr. Andrei SĂVESCU, iLwT

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